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To what extent can the airflow crusher used in the battery material industry be crushed?

When pulverized with a jet pulverizer, the material has an average particle size. The size is 1-45 microns. The range of particle sizes can be adjusted. It is an indispensable processing equipment in the battery material industry. So the question is, to what extent can the jet pulverizer crush it? It is related to the following factors:

Jet Mill Pulveriser
Jet Mill Pulveriser

1. The initial fineness of the raw materials. The jet mill generally requires feed to be below 50 mesh.

2. It relates to the material’s physical properties. These include its fluidity and the uniformity of its particles. Some materials have poor fluidity, many impurities, and high solvent content. There may be material blocking during the production process. In this case, specialized equipment is needed. Not all materials can be crushed with standard equipment to a fineness. .

3. It is related to the crushing pressure during the crushing process. The feeding pressure of some equipment is higher than the crushing pressure. The crushing pressure of some equipment is higher than the feeding pressure. Specific materials require specific design.

4. It is related to the feeding speed. Not all materials have good fluidity. Whether it is screw feeding or vibration feeding, the feeding process is a very important factor. Some very fine materials are difficult to feed. , at this time, special personalized configuration is needed to achieve the feeding effect.

Ceramic nozzles
Ceramic nozzles

5. It has to do with the optimization degree of the airflow pulverizer. Many manufacturers make airflow pulverizers. But, the fineness produced varies. This is true even for the same material and for different models from the same manufacturer. There is also a difference. However, experience shows that a larger crushing disk is better than a smaller one.

6. It is related to proficiency of the operator and the operation method. Some equipment requires small then large pressure to start. Some require a direct one-step operation.

As can be seen from the above, the fineness of the jet mill is not fixed, but adjustable. This is why it has become a favored tool in many industries. It can meet the varied needs of users.