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Pharmaceutical ultrafine pulverizer is used in the pharmaceutical industry

The grinder is used in pharmaceutical development. It can make micron-sized powder. This powder can destroy cell walls and get the needed properties.

The drug pulverizer uses cooled, filtered, and dried compressed air. It forms supersonic airflow through the nozzle. It is then injected into the pulverizing cavity. The material is fluidized under the action of the pressure difference. The accelerated material is dispersed at the intersection of multiple nozzles. The mix makes intense impact, collision, friction, and shearing. This crushes particles to make ultra-fine powders. These powders can be used to make micron-sized powders. The pharmaceutical ultrafine pulverizer grinds drugs to ultrafine sizes and breaks their walls. It also improves drug solubility, mixes compound drugs, and disperses them. It is used in making drug films and ointments.

Application materials

Chinese herbal medicine: Typical materials include American ginseng, ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum, pearls and other rare materials and pollen, hawthorn, shiitake mushrooms, pearl powder, gallnut, fleece-flower root, andrographis paniculata, mint, Houttuynia cordata, fern root, kudzu root, alum, yam, and white peony root. , Lotus leaf, Poria cocos, Panax notoginseng, Angelica dahurica, honeysuckle, Cordyceps sinensis, saffron, jellyfish, corydalis, isatis root, etc.

Western medicine: Typical materials include gastric medicine, nimodipine, antibiotics, imaging drugs, etc.

Necessary requirements for pharmaceutical ultrafine grinder

1. The grinder is compact and lightweight. It is user-friendly.

2. The pharmaceutical ultrafine grinder has minimal vibration and impact and low noise.

3. The pharmaceutical ultrafine grinder has high frequency, large amplitude, and high efficiency. The discharged material has a fine particle size and is evenly distributed.

4. The pharmaceutical ultrafine pulverizer has unique feeding and discharge ports. They are dust-free and make collecting materials convenient.

5. The pharmaceutical ultrafine grinder can perform sealed grinding at regular intervals. Or, it can perform open circuit grinding continuously.

6. The pharmaceutical ultrafine grinder is easy to clean. You can remove the grinding barrel. You can then easily clean and disinfect it. This can be accomplished without leaving any fingerprints.

7. The grinding barrel of the pharmaceutical ultrafine pulverizer is made of stainless steel. An ultrafine pulverizer uses air separation, heavy pressure grinding, and shearing. These techniques are used to achieve ultrafine pulverization of dry materials. It has a cylindrical crushing chamber. It features a grinding wheel, grinding rail, fan, and material collector. The jet pulverizer uses high-speed airflow to efficiently pulverize materials. This ensures complete wear and tear.

Pharmaceutical crusher equipment selection:

Medicine has two types of equipment for crushing. They are chosen based on the medicine’s physical characteristics. For products with no sugar or oil, a graded impact mill can cut the energy use of production equipment. It can achieve the crushing effect. For products with sugar and oil, a fluidized bed airflow mill can crush them at a lower temperature. This stops oily and sugary parts from melting and sticking. It happens during ultra-fine crushing.